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10 Apr 2012

paola-minekov-monitorQuite a few stories about my Faberge Egg found their way into the Bulgarian media, following this publication in the Saturday editition of the major Bulgarian newspaper Monitor (31.03.2012).

Colourful World was featured in 24 Chasa (24 Hours), Sunday Print issue, 8 April 2012 and online on this link, as well as Darik News Varna, BNT, BTA and Premium Life Magazine.

Dnevnik also published a piece about it but the really cool part was that they also asked me to send them some photos from the first day of the exhibition of the eggs in Covent Garden, so I got to play reporter for a few hours, snapping quick shots on my phone, some of which they uploaded to an Online Picture Gallery!

27 Mar 2012


Find out more about Colourful World's story in this article I wrote for the popular South London online magazine Dulwich on View.

"When I picked it up from the Big Egg Hunt’s office – the taxi driver saw it and said, ‘Blimey, I hope it doesn’t hatch in here!’

I was in the process of moving to my new studio, so the giant ceramic egg was living in the middle of my living room for a few weeks, it was great fun! While I was still priming it and doing some research, my visitors would look at it, walk around it, and ask whether it’s a new designer lamp I’d invested in..."

Read the full article here: Find the ‘Colourful World’ egg at the Big Egg Hunt

Photo by Amy Oberholzer

11 Mar 2012

lloyds-building-paola-minekovLloyds Building, In the Evening, 2012 Private collection, UK

Lloyds Building on a Sunny Day, 2012 Private Collections. LA, USA

Acrylic on paper

Commissioned for a charity auction, Going for Gold Ball which took place in the Grange St. Paul's hotel in London on 18 May 2012.

The paintings are inspired by the Lloyds Bulding, also known as the Inside-Out Building.



22 Feb 2012

PaolaMinekov-BigEggHuntCan you find the egg I've painted?

This is so egg-citing!

Over 200 magnificent giant eggs have been created by leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers and hidden across the streets of the capital... and The Big Egg Hunt has started! Now I can tell you some more about my egg. It is called Colourful World.

I was inspired to paint the globe as an interlocking jigsaw, using primary colours to suggest a playful childlike simplicity which contrasts with the complex reality of geopolitics.

To celebrate the event, Living South Magazine has just published an article about the making of the egg, my inspirations and plans for the future!

Read it here /PDF/:



Colourful world is No 76 on the Knighsbridge and Sloan Square map. Yes, it's one the 50 outdoor eggs!! During the event, the Fabergé eggs will be auctioned in support of the 2 charities.

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