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Blog - Paola Minekov, Artist in London, Paintings and Exhibitions
29 Nov 2010


In November 2010 I was one of 4 female artists interviewed by Claudia Crawley's for her Winning Pathways Coaching blog series on women artists. Claudia is passionate about helping women create the change they desire in life, women's rights and, of course, art! I'm proud to say she has also bought some of my work.

Read the article here.

P.S. For the post, Claudia asked me to provide a natural photo of myself, as well as examples of my art. Being a huge fan of Impressionism, I chose this holiday shot, taken at Monet's garden in Giverny, where he painted his famous paintings of water lilies.

25 Nov 2010

South London Women Artists - Featured Artist

By Susan Wood, Oct. 2010

Circus Paola-Minekov

Read the interview on the SLWA website >

This was a busy time for me. Having concentrated solely on making new art in 2009, in 2010 I joined the South London Women Artists group, and took part in various group shows and events, sometimes a few a month.

This interview is about my work, background and why I chose to come to London in the first place.

Susan interviewed me a few weeks before my first solo exhibition, in City Tower, which also served as a preview of the artwork for the Charity Ballet Gala in the Britten Theatre later in November.

Here's the moment to say that the show was sponsored and organised by MWB Business Exchange, who have been very supportive of my career and hosted another solo exhibition of my work in 2011.




03 Nov 2010


In 2010, a few months after I joined the South London Women Artists, I was entrusted with the task of organising the group's autumn exhibition in the Dulwich Library.

Organising a show for 40 artists was a big step for me. Luckily I had the support of the then Chair of SLWA, Jenny Sweeney and 2 other members to help out - Gabrielle Bradshaw and Torie Wilkinson. On the selection panel we had the artist Maria Chevska, Mella Shaw, the head of Exhibitions at Dulwich Picture Gallery, and Emily Druiff, the director of Peckham Space, who also curated the exhibition.

We got this feature in Dulwich on View to mark the event and our contribution.

14 Aug 2008

A review by Prof. Dr. V. V. Vanslov, Director of the Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Art at The Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow.

Ballet Magazine, issue 7, 2008


A remarkable new tradition was started at the biannual International Ballet Competition in Varna, Bulgaria. During the competition there was an exhibition dedicated to ballet, featuring Bulgarian artists.

There were 3 participants in 2008: the sculptor Ivan Minekov and the painters Paola Minekov and Svetlin Nenov.  All of them were unquestionably talented and displayed art of extremely high level and artistic quality.

Two of the works by the sculptor Ivan Minekov, working in a style close to that of impressionism, were dedicated to ballet. One of them, a ballerina en pointe, stood out with the emphatically lengthened lines of her fine limbs. This created the feeling of aspiration upwards, airiness and lightness so typical for classical dance. This bronze statuette was granted as a prize in the competition. The other sculpture, that of a pair, depicted the flying jump of a ballerina and her partner, reminiscent of soaring birds.

Most of the works dedicated to ballet were paintings. The majority of both Paola Minekov and Svetlin Nenov’s works depicted dancers in ballet tutus in various poses. These were not portraits of specific dancers, but ballerinas in a typical stance, as if captured behind the curtains or on stage. These paintings resembled those of Degas, even though the stylistics of the exhibiting artists were completely different.

Along with the static images, the painters exhibited art works that appeared to capture dance itself. Among those, the works of Paola Minekov drew special attention. In her canvases a twirl of figures drew dancing compositions with bold lines and distinct rhythms. The images of dancers emerged from the chaos of the lightly blurred colourful strokes. This created a tangible sense of the dynamics of the dance.  Each of her paintings displayed a different colour combination, with most works featuring the tonality of either yellow, light blue or pink. It appeared as if the dance was captured under a glowing spotlight.

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